Drug-Free vs. Anti-Drug Healthcare

(Originally posted on bcotoronto.com on Sept 1st, 2011)

Many people think that alternative health practitioners who promote a drug-free life style are completely against drugs of any and all kinds. For the majority of us this is untrue. We support the appropriate use of medications when necessary but avoidance when other possibilities are available. Let me elaborate on this.

For a Type I diabetic, taking insulin is mandatory just as antibiotics are essential in fighting pneumonia. There is very little to be done to get around that. The same is true when it comes to emergency care. The drugs administered during heart attacks and strokes save lives. There is no debating that. What Drug-Free promoters suggest is the avoidance of unnecessary drugs. This does not mean that you should stop taking all your medications and just go about your life as normal. The avoidance of drugs is something you must actively work to maintain. Life-style change is the name of the game.

The best way to avoid taking unwanted medications is to avoid disease and unhealthy conditions in the first place. It may sound like a pipe dream but through clean living and healthy activity it is achievable. This is the main ideology of Drug-Free healthcare not some fanatical drive to remove all medications from the world. We put diet and exercise before pharmaceuticals to try and treat conditions naturally and prolong health by limiting the introduction of foreign chemicals into the body.

The main objection to medications natural health practitioners usually have is that drugs sacrifice the body’s own functions to improve “health”. This seems a little backwards don’t you think. Why not improve the body’s ability to cope with and combat the current problems when it is a viable option.

That is the difference between a Drug-Free and an Anti-Drug life-style.

I am not recommending that anyone who reads this discontinues their medication. Please talk with your physician before stopping any therapy for any reason. It is important for your doctor to know what you are doing for your health and to discuss with you the possible risks of your actions and the therapy they are providing.

Thanks for reading. I hope you found this enlightening.

Dr. Ben


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