Happy Holidays

(Originally posted on bcotoronto.com on Dec 29th, 2011)

Twas the week after Christmas and sales were on.
Hanukkah too was over and gone.
Our bellies bulging and not wanting to move.
Well fed and tired, sunk in the couch’s worn groove.

The family was nestled in front of the screen,
While visions of Chryslers danced with Charlie Sheen.
Late night to early morning they did not budge,
Their brains quickly turning to puddles of sludge.

When out in the street there arose such a clatter,
They glanced out the window to see what’s the matter.
Dr. Ben was there with a lesson to teach.
“GO TO BED!” he yelled with a screech.

“True rest comes from sleep and a little activity,
With socialization and some levity.”
Sleep is the key to function and form,
To balance your hormones and bring them to norm.”

“A little movement will make your blood pump,
And burn off the fat that’s making you slump.
It pushes through your kidneys the toxins ingested
And washes away the dangers digested.”

“Socialization lifts the soul and the mind.
A better outlook soon you will find.
Laughing with friends to find inner peace,
Will give you good times and on life a new lease.”

“So go off to bed and have pleasant dreams
And ponder life’s mysteries and what it all means.
Get some good rest and plenty of cheer,
For 2012 will be a good year.”

Happy Holidays and have a wonderful New Year,
Dr. Ben


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