Halloween Health Tips

Well, the day has arrived. It is finally Halloween! This night Ghouls, Ghosts, and Vampires will roam the streets looking for sweet things to sink their teeth into. This night is not a great night for health though and more than just the reasons you’re probably thinking of.

Sure there will be tonnes upon tonnes of candy and sugar tonight but I’m going to focus on the more physical and immediate concerns of the night. First off, let’s look at the costumes. We put on some crazy stuff one night a year and sometimes these costumes can be quite cumbersome and restrictive. IT is important to not sacrifice your body for the sake of a good outfit (this holds true on all days of the year too). A restraining costume can increase the probability of falling or tripping, especially if we can’t see our feet. On top of this a restrictive costume can make it difficult to catch ourselves when we fall increasing the risk of injury.

Costumes should also be balanced in their weight. We will be wearing them for a long time with parties or trick-or-treating so it is important to ensure that it will not be a strain to keep them up. If the weight of the costume is more on one side we can hurt back, shoulders, and/or neck. This is especially true if we are drinking alcohol because we could injure our body and take less notice, thus aggravating the injury.

Even if you are not dressing up this year there are certain things to be aware of. If you are taking kids trick-or-treating then be sure that you are ready for a long walk. This doesn’t sound too daunting, but remember what you may encounter on this journey. You can be delegated as the candy carrier and sometimes even the tired child carrier. This definitely makes the trip a lot harder. Be sure to stretch your shoulders, low back, and legs before heading out and when you get home again. Make sure you have good, supportive shoes as well, as these can make all the difference.

With everyone running around it is important to remember how tired the kids and even we can get. Carry a small pack of water bottles and snacks with you to keep everyone full of energy and enjoying the night. Letting kids eat some of their candy while out trick-or-treating still will help them in the short run but the sugar crash that follows will just make it worse. Healthy snacks will keep them going for much longer and make them much less irritable at the end of the night.

Happy Halloween and safe trick-or-treating everyone.
Dr. Ben


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