Everyone experiences pain in varying degrees daily. The amount of this pain and discomfort determines the impact on our lives. Small aches and pains will not interrupt our daily routine but headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, and low back pain may. On a personal level, this can be trying and some times quite debilitating. On a business level, this translates into lost time and productivity.

As an employer it is in your best interest to look after your employee’s health and wellness. With an On-Site Chiropractic Program, lost productivity and even absenteeism can be decreased, improving your work force and employee satisfaction. Many companies already provide some insurance coverage for alternative health options. If chiropractic is covered under your company’s health insurance plan and employee benefits an On-Site Chiropractic Program could be right for you.

An On-Site Program consists of a Doctor of Chiropractic being available in the offices for a specific period every week. There is no extra cost to the employer apart from providing space and spreading the word about the program.


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