I am a chiropractor primarily but I also include acupuncture and nutritional counselling in my treatment plans. It all depends on what you as a patient need and are comfortable with.

My Services
Chiropractic is the use of joint manipulation to stimulate the nerves of the body. This stimulation triggers a reflex which alters the function of the tissues of the body; muscles relax, blood vessels expand, and organs regulate their function. Through these reflexes Chiropractic treatments can improve function and stimulate healing throughout the body.

The joints of the body require movement to stay healthy but through our daily lives we do not treat our bodies well and muscles tighten pressures are placed on joints and ligaments which they are not meant to take. Chiropractic care restores motion and function of joints which have become limited or stuck. This allows us our bodies to operate the way they were built to.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice based on the idea that the body has the energy to heal itself and using needles to manipulate that energy to restore its flow and strength. Modern research is beginning to show the real mechanisms behind how Acupuncture works. Altered genetic expression and hormone level modulation are just two of the amazing clinical effects of Acupuncture that have been demonstrated to date.

Nutritional Counselling is a simple procedure of analyzing the diet and nutritional needs of a person and using the current research to determine the optimal diet and supplement regime to achieve better health and lifestyle.

Your First Visit
When you arrive for your fist visit you will be asked to fill out some forms just like you would in a medical doctor’s office. These forms are important as they will allow me to understand the history of your health and life which play a very large role in making sure you receive the correct diagnosis and care. Some treatments I use should not be performed when certain conditions are present.

After this we will explore the history of your problem and your health. This will consist of a detailed discussion lasting approximately 15-30 minutes.This will be followed up by an examination of your problem with specific tests to determine the source of the complaint. The examination will last approximately 15-30 minutes.

We will then talk about what I have found and what it means for you. We will discuss what options are available to you and what I would suggest is the best course of action. Then if you agree and treatment is warranted you will receive a full treatment.

The entire visit will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour.

The initial examination is    $90
Chiropractic treatment is    $50
Acupuncture treatment is   $50
Nutritional Counselling is    $50 (when combined with Acupuncture or Chiropractic it is complimentary)